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Living on the North Shore is more affordable than you think

When most prospective home buyers are considering entering the market or upsizing they often assume that getting into the north shore market is unattainable. The facts though , as they often do , present a different picture. If we could go back in time and ask a buyer what is more affordable- Eagle Harbour or East Van, it would be an easy answer. East Vancouver all day long. Reality is you can buy a 2500 sq foot home for less money in western West Vancouver for 300,000- 500,000$ less than a comparable home in East Vancouver. A fact that most buyers would never think possible. A quick walk to the beach, schools and world class recreational amenities are waiting for you on the North shore

If you were to imagine buying a condo in Lower Lonsdale or East Vancouver, which one is more affordable? The answer is surprising – Lower Lonsdale. If you were to ask a buyer which is more affordable an ocean view condo in the west end or in West Vancouver, they will answer the west end end 9 times out of ten, but the reality is West Vancouver offers a number of buying opportunities that are more affordable than the west end. With easy access to shopping, recreation, restaurants, a world class seawall and arguably the best schools in the province, West Vancouver offers outstanding opportunities.

The sum of it , don’t assume. Let me guide you through the opportunities that might surprise you on the North Shore. Despite the facts many buyers have ruled out good schools, great parks and easy access to the downtown core in favor of no parking, crime, homes of questionable quality and noise and air pollution.

Before you make the leap to buying that $600,000 townhouse at 64th and main lets have a chat and talk about some options that might suit your families lifestyle.