Selling a property is usually indicative of you entering a new phase of your life. It could be downsizing or upsizing or simply moving to a new area for the benefits of the schools or a change in lifestyle. Whenever we are in the process of shifting from one part of our life to another it can be very exciting or scary. It is, unavoidably an emotional experience. When I am working with a listing client I believe a big part of my role is to be a steady hand on the tiller. I am there to offer unbiased factually based advice for your consideration.Selling your home can be as exciting as it is stressful. I would like to help you make the transition to the next part of your life as easy as possible. The first step in selling your home is understanding the market that you are in and preparing your home for the next owners. I am of the opinion that there are three very basic factors which go into determining the value of your home and our ability to sell it the most timely manner possible.Having been in this business for over ten years there are a few important aspects that must be addressed if we are to be successful in selling your home for the highest dollar the market will support

  1. Price. I will perform an extensive analysis on your home and neighborhood. By comparing the statistics on recent sales, market trends and the shift in buyer preferences I will make a recommendation on price to sell your home in under 60 days.
  2. Condition. It is of great importance that your home present itself in the best possible way. Minor improvements, de-cluttering and staging your home so that it appeals to a buyer is critical in achieving the highest sale price in the shortest period of time. I will present you with a detailed plan for action in order for you to achieve that goal.
  3. Location. You cannot change the location of your home but you can price it according to the market reality of your neighborhood. The Lower Mainland is an incredibly diverse region and pricing can vary from street to street. In order to sell your home as quickly as possible for the highest dollar amount, it is very important that the pricing is in line with your home’s sub market.

Once we have established a price on your home based on an understanding of the three main factors, the next step is to establish an effective marketing campaign to ensure that we are able to achieve “top dollar” for your home. Adverting on the MLS site is the single most important manner in which we can market your home. It is the most visited place for buyers to start their search . In order to be successful in reaching the hearts and minds of prospective buyers taking advantage of the MLS platform is critical to success.

I will work with my media team to develop a strategy to ensure that your home is shown in the best possible manner. I work with professional photographers and filmmakers to create a media package that matches your homes profile.

Open Houses are also one of the most effective means of getting your property viewed by as many prospective purchasers as possible. I guarantee that I will hold at least one open house per weekend if it suits your lifestyle. I am of the opinion that a well priced home for

location and condition will attract enough buyers that it is well worth the effort and irritation that holding an open house requires.

As a listing Agent I am committed to ensuring that I arm you with all the relevant facts related to establishing an attractive price for your home as well as offering a detailed “Preparation for Sale“ plan in order to attract the largest number of buyers in the shortest period of time. After all the most important goal is to get you into the next phase of your life with the lowest level of stress.